-- Grace Elizabeth --

-- Grace Elizabeth --

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Lucado Life Lessons Study Bible

I just received the new Max Lucado Study Bible in NKJV from Booksneeze and it is certainly a winner. I have his devotional study bible in the NCV version from a few years ago. I was interested to see how different this one would be from that bible. Some features are the same but a lot of new life lessons which are my favorite part of his bibles. The more than 1000 life lessons are broken down in chapters with a situation, observation, inspiration, application and exploration. You could use these as a daily devotional reading-they are that good. There are some new features located throughout the book-He did this just for you verses, spiritual growth verses, and in the back 30 studies for new believers. This bible is packed with great extra study helps which makes it a joy to read and learn from. This bible will help you experience the heart of Jesus in your everyday life. We all need to share a few moments with Jesus to know His heart, feel His love and live our faith. I am partial in this review because I absolutely love Max Lucado and all his writings. His writings are so understandable and real so let the heart of a pastor guide you to the heart of Jesus.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


First of all, I was so excited to finally have a chance to get books from Waterbrook Multnomah to review for free. I picked out my first book which was Tandem by Tracey Bateman. It sounded like a book I would like since I love Christian suspense. I have not read anything by her so I was game to try this one. Boy was I very disappointed in this book. To be honest, I only read to chapter 8-could not go any farther. I had no idea that this had vampires in the story. Where do vampires fit into a Christian story? I kept asking myself that question and kept trying to rationalize what the author was doing in this story. I never came up with a good answer and I felt that I was not living up to the Christian standards I put on myself if this was honoring God in my continuation of reading this story. I never like to give a bad review,especially my first one, but this is one I am really glad I did not pay money for. I know there will be some that this storyline will be one of their favorites but not this reader.