-- Grace Elizabeth --

-- Grace Elizabeth --

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Woman of Courage

A Quaker woman dare the unknown to be a missionary.  This statement was one of the reasons I picked this book for review.  Normally, I am not a huge historical reader but the author was Wanda Brunstetter and I knew she writes good books.  This books actually drew me in throughout the story and kept me guessing just how Amanda would survive and make it to her destination.

Amanda Pearson was jilted by her fiance' and decides to pick up and embark on a three-thousand mile journey in 1837. She wants to follow the Rev. and Mrs. Spalding into the western wilderness to minister to the Nez Perce' Indians along with her father.  The trail is long and difficult and there are many dangers and tragedies that Amanda has to overcome. She faced a near death experience but God showed her the people she was sent to help and minister to even before she got to the Spalding Mission. I felt that was the key to this story-her obstacles and her courage to go on.  Amanda also has no desire for any relationship but a certain man enters her life as he guide but he has no desire to help anyone who claims Christ as their lord.  How can Amanda reach the Indians if she cannot reach anyone around her for Christ.  As the journey continues, it becomes life changing for her and those she meets.  The choices she has to make are almost unbearable.

This was a really good book laced with scripture and and forgiveness by some of the characters.  I received this book from Barbour Publishing free for my honest opinion.

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Just finished Firewall by Diann Mills and it was superb!!.  This author is one of my favorites and she never lets me down when it comes to suspense and romance in the stories.

Taryn Young is a genius software developer who has a great job, a man who loves her, and a brand new marriage. Disaster strikes before the honeymoon can begin when an airport bombing injures her and her husband disappears. She is suspected of being involved in the death and destruction.  FBI Special Agent Grayson Hall does not believe Taryn is involved with what happened and begins to investigate her and her missing husband.  Fingers are pointed in several directions, but as the truth comes to light, so does more danger for Taryn and Grayson.  When a child is kidnapped, the two must work together to stop evil in its tracks. The story changes with a possible mole in the FBI office and when they learn what the bombers are really after, they are trying to stop a massive attack on the US and unravel the plot against national security.
This story is a skillful blend of suspense, romance and spirituality, this book's intricate storyline will keep you guessing all the way through.

Thanks to Tyndale Publishers for this free copy just for my honest opinion.