-- Grace Elizabeth --

-- Grace Elizabeth --

Friday, June 30, 2017

Dark Deception

Dark DeceptionI love Christian suspense books and am always willing to try a new author. Having not read Nancy Mehl before, I thought the book summary and the cover made my decision to try Dark Deception. I was not disappointed in the book even if it was number two in the Defenders of Justice series. This book for me was a page turner and always trying to figure the ending out which I did not.

Kate O'Brien and her twin sister were attacked by an elusive serial killer. Her sister was brutally killed and Kate played dead and survived.  She went into the witness protection program and had been living in Shelter Cove, Arkansas for four years running her own restaurant.
Kate thought she sent the murderer  to prison, but new evidence places a cloud on the convicted killer and she will need to testify in a new trial. During her  first  trial, Tony DeLuca deputy Marshal protected her. Kate refuses to go back to St. Louis unless Tony escorts her.
The serial killer nicknamed the "Blue Eyed Killer" has more unsolved cases than just Kate's sister.
What ties them altogether and who really is the killer. Can they find the killer before Kate is the next target.
So many twists and turns and great character development throughout the story. I found a new suspense author and will be looking for number one in the Defenders of Justice series as well as her other books.  Never be afraid to try a new author..they can become a favorite.

Thanks to Bethany House Publishers for my free copy just for my honest opinion

Kids'Visual Study Bible

When I received this Bible in the mail, not only was I amazed by it, but I wished I was a kid again!
Can grown adults read kids' bibles and not look funny? I could hide it in a bible cover but I am blessed that this Bible will go to my granddaughter and she will think I am really "cool".
The cover is striking and makes you want to pick it up.  On the cover it says..explore the story of the Bible...people, places and history. It has 700 images that are worth the price of the Bible.
The way this Bible is set up reminds me of the Quest Study Bible with the study notes on the sides explaining some of the verses. The chapter introductions explain the who wrote the book, why this book was written, for whom was written, what  happens in this book, who is the key person in this book, where did it happen and what are some of the stories in this book?
This Bible has lots of maps, info graphics along with and index to these. This study Bible is definitely eye popping as it is informative. The text of  this Bible is the New International Version which is  reader friendly.
Now the hard part, do I give this Bible away to my granddaughter and buy one for me or read it first then give it to her?  Decisions, decisions.
Please stop by your Christian bookstore and take a look at this Bible..amazing!