-- Grace Elizabeth --

-- Grace Elizabeth --

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Deposit Slip

Ten million dollars is missing after Erin Larson's fathers death. As she searches his deposit box at the bank, she finds a worn and tattered deposit slip saying he deposited that money in the bank.  The bank has no record-now what. That is the storyline from a new book by Todd Johnson.
Erin has hired lawyers in the past to help, but of no avail.  She hires Jared Neaton who really wants to help but wants the money more. He is up against a shady law firm who is making Jared's life and work extremely hard.  He wants to help Erin, but he could lose everything or he could gain a lot of money. As he digs deeper he discovers something very dangerous and the people who want this to never come to trial are making threats to both Jared and Erin. 
I found this a very good legal thriller, especially since the author is a lawyer.  The storyline kept my interest, but one thing bothered me.  Bethany is a Christian publisher and I found very little Christian emphasis or God working in their lives and that is what keeps me reading Christian fiction.  Otherwise, this is a well written book.
Thank you Bethany Publishers for sending me this book free just for my honest opinion.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Reason

"Only Believe" has a new meaning for me after reading this astounding debut book by William Sirls. I was not prepared for what was to happen to me while reading this book.  I found myself identifying with some of the characters, their flaws, misgivings, doubts and just genuine questions. What surprised me was how engrossed in this book I became.  This was truly one book I did not want to end, it was that good.  I found myself smiling at the book, crying in spots and just loving the characters and the storyline. We all find ourselves asking the question: Where is God when bad things happen? Does God ignore the prayers of the faithful? These two questions were masterfully answered for the characters in this book.
The characters are unforgettable-James Lindy, the blind pastor of a small congregation amid adversity, can he "only believe?"  Macey Lewis is an oncologist helping five year old Alex battle aggressive leukemia.  Will she trust modern medicine or "only believe?" Carla's past is haunting her and is trying to learn to forgive-will she "only believe?" Brooke is Alex's mother who is fighting for her son's life and wants God to save him.  Can she  trust God and "only believe and he will be healed?  Kenneth, the carpenter is working on the new hospital wing and is "gifted" in restoring broken crosses, broken lives, restoring sight, but you have to read the book to find out his best "miracle".
I found myself highlighting parts of this book and here is an excerpt from the book.
Jim looked at Kenneth. " Can you tell us the reason why God does everything he does?"
Kenneth held up his fists and then slowly fanned his arms out to his sides.  "You know the reason, James Lindy."
"I know," Jim said.  "But I was hoping everyone could hear it from you."
The carpenter nodded and then uncoiled his fists, exposing his palms.
"The reason is God loves you."
This book has challenged me to live out my faith in a new and gifted way.  My heart has been forever changed and "only believe" has become more personal and one I will share more.
Thank you William Sirls for a superb book and please write more.
Thank you to Thomas Nelson for providing this book free just for my honest opinion.