-- Grace Elizabeth --

-- Grace Elizabeth --

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Drawing Fire

Drawing Fire is Janice Cantore's latest novel and the first in her Cold Case Justice series and it is another winner.  I am a huge fan and eagerly await her next book. Since she is a retired Long Beach police officer, I am sure a lot of these stories she has lived through which make each novel more interesting.

Two open cases, two dead ends. I won't let them go cold. The storyline follows a possible serial killer that stalks elderly women in Long Beach California.  Abby Hart is a homicide detective assigned to this case.  She is teamed with Luke Murphy who is a private investigator also assigned to this case. Luke saw the suspect flee the scene of the latest homicide but Abby discovers that the latest victim is related to the governor. That brings about it's own set of problems. Other problems are a fire that Abby's parents were killed in 27 years ago.  They never found out who set the fire and how they were killed.  She is set to find out who killed them but all roads and help from the police end up being stalled and  why she should leave the crime alone.  Luke also searches for a missing teen and tries to help runaways.  Interesting how these two story lines coincide  and how in the end they both find hope and forgiveness  along he way.  When Abby and Luke search for evidence buried under years of deceit..they realize someone wants this case to remain cold. She has a way of keeping the reader engrossed in the story and the endings always surprise me.
Now, if she could only write faster.

Thanks to Tyndale Publishers for this free book just for my honest opinion.