-- Grace Elizabeth --

-- Grace Elizabeth --

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Angel Song by Shelia Walsh, Kathryn Cushman

This book exceeded my expectations. I was not going to request it from Thomas Nelson and kept going back to it. Since I love fiction and I knew Kathryn Cushman was a good writer I decided to go for it. This book did not disappoint me-not in a page turning kind of a way-but a genuine, good storyline. Anne Fletcher is not a Christian and goes back home to Charleston to see her sister Sarah receive her master's degree. An unexpected car accident with Sarah hurt the worst. On the way to the hospital she is talking to someone and humming a song. Anne finds this strange since there is no one else in the ambulance but her. This tune will haunt Anne in the hospital, dreams and in Sarah's house. Anne needs to sell the house to get back to New York for her job and with the help of Ethan Mckinney who volunteers to get the home in shape. A neighbor and her son Keith help Anne try to make sense of what has happened. Keith has Downs Syndrome but believes he can see and hear angels. He lets Anne know they are all around her and looking out for her.
God starts to reveal Himself to Anne but will she open her heart to receive God's healing love?
Loved how Anne went from "all about her" to a caring and loving person. This story just flowed with an ease that most stories don't. Great collaborations between two wonderful authors. Hope to see more.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Angel's Den by Jamie Carie

As much as I like Christian Fiction especially suspense, occasionally I venture into other genres. I am starting to like Christian Historical fiction more and more. I have read her first book, Snow Angel and loved it. I was intrigued by the synposis of this book and it was fantastic. I finished it in two days(which is unusual for me). The storyline gripped you immediately and held you till the final pages. Emma married a successful businessman and that dream turns into a horrifying nightmare both physically and mentally. Her husband Eric Montclaire has a haunting past that plays into the plot. How can Emma escape this madman? Only God can show her the way out.
Riveting story of lies, theft and murder and forgiveness.
Checked this out from the library and just put another of hers on hold-love her writing

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Breach of Trust

I picked up the second of Diann Mill's Call to Duty series at the library. As you can tell, I really like her as an author. After finishing Sworn to Protect I was eager to see what topic she dealt with in her second book. This book weaves an interesting tale of a CIA operative. Paige was forced to disappear to protect the lives of her loved ones. She has spent several years in a small town as a librarian but then her quiet past changes-her careful existence has been shattered. "He" is after her again and this time to silence her for good. This book has it all-a little romance, danger, deception and great characters. I found myself last night reading 170 pages to finish (not like me at all) to see how this all would end. Not disappointed at all. Can't wait to see book #3 in this series this fall. If you love suspense then this is your author.

Sworn to Protect by Diann Mills

Hard to believe but I actually bought a book!!. The library did not have this one and I love this author. She did not disappoint me in this book.
Very interesting topic-the border patrol. Danika's husband was killedtwo years ago, and his murder has never been solved. Danika learns that her husband's death may have been part of a larger conspiracy and she may be the next target. There is also a mole in the border patrol with top secret information leaking and she needs to find out who and why before she is killed. The characters were compelling with lots of twists. I learned a lot about the border patrol thru this book and have a new respect for all they do and the dangerous and unpredictable world they work in daily. This is the first of her Call to Duty series and it is a must read for suspense readers.

The Last Operative

When I received this book from Tyndale Publishing I thought I was getting a new book by Jerry Jenkins. I found out this was a retelling of his standalone book. I did go in with an open mind and what I found in reading this book went from intiguing to boring back to intriguing and back to wanting to skim the pages to get to the end but I actually did finish it. The story deals with Jordan Kirkwood as an NSA inteleligence operative. He is an absentee dad and husband but that is about to change. He is meeting his wife in London for a time away when the stakes have changed. The threat to the USA is grave and who can Jordan trust since someone seems to a mole in this mission. He is on his own to try and find out who and what is behind the terrorism. Tack on a love interest from his earlier carreer who he never got over and still wants to find her and can she even be trusted.
It is one of those books that I enjoyed, but didn't, if that makes sense. I usually love the endings especially of suspense books but this one left me thinking it was just finally over and that made me glad. Not what I expected from a well know author.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kiss and Burn

I read Erin Healy's book-Never Let you Go and was impressed with her writing so I got both Kiss and Burn from the library. I was interested to see how her writing style and Ted Dekker's writing style would come together. So amazing how their styles blended so well together.
This had it all-suspense, romance, action and drama!!!. Shauna was in a car accident and lost six months of her memory. That is bad enough but then she has the ability to steal memories from other people. She struggles with if she was responsible for the accident that maimed her brother and estranged her father and stepmother from her. This is the classic-good guys verses bad guys and who can Shauna trust. This is a superb book with twists and turns and a page turner. I saw Ted's interesting style but Erin's touch of suspense.
Second book by these two authors and another WOW. I thought Kiss was good but this hits a home run. This is a storyline that is so different from any I have ever read before. Janeal is trapped in her father's gypsy culture when a powerful man, Salazar Sanso, promises her the life she longs for-but for a price. Will she sell her soul for money? Janeal escapes the fire but not the effects of the burn. What an interesting plot and what a twist halfway thru the book and then what an ending-never saw it coming. Janeal learns that their are two chambers in every heart, one for Judas and one for John-which one will she go after.
I highly recommend both of these books for suspense lovers-hope these two authors write more books together.