-- Grace Elizabeth --

-- Grace Elizabeth --

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Greater Love

I am reviewing Greater Love by Robert Whitlow after receiving this book from Thomas Nelson's booksneeze. I love, love,love suspense and this book was fantastic. I read the first book in the Tides of Truth series and somehow did not read number two so I knew this would be good. This was one of the best I have read lately. I could not put it down after reading 40 pages the first day, I read the rest today. The story just flowed and continued building till the end. The characters were from the first two books and the love interest that has continued between two men for Tami. Tami has graduated and become a lawyer and has to decide where she will practice law. She has a wonderful Christian upbringing and wants to please God in all her decisions and uses that throughout the book. Her first case involves a runaway teen and the problems begin with her dishonesty along with being terrified of something she won't confide in. His character development and storyline makes for a page turning read. I love his writing because of the Christian values and how God works in the characters lives and it was evident in this book. The end was crafted extremely well. Now to the library to get book #2 Higher Hope by this author so I will know what I missed in the second book.

Lonestar Secrets

Somehow I missed reading the second of the Lonestar books by Colleen Coble. I picked this up at the library and was not disappointed by this book.
First of all, Colleen is one of my top 3 book authors and I love her writing and her stories are always well written. She always throws suspense laced with romance and this book was one of her best. She always keeps me guessing and I didn't figure this one out either.
Shannon Astor left West Texas as a single mother then is offered a vet job and comes back to the town where her secrets were buried, or so she thought. There she encounters a girl who looks identical to her daughter and she must uncover the details surrounding the two girls. Add to the story mix a Spanish treasure and a legendary black stallion plus a love interest. This book will make you a fan of Colleen's so pick it up and enjoy

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Clouds Roll Away

I received this book from the Thomas Nelson Booksneeze program for bloggers.
I was really excited to get a fiction book since I really love fiction and this was a suspense which I love also.
Raleigh Harmon is a forensic geologist that goes back to her hometown and ends up investigating a hate crime, problems with her boss at the FBI and strange problems with her mother(that are never indulged) along with a former boyfriend that pops up here and there in the book. Her father was murdered a few years earlier and it was mentioned a few times but I kept wondering if and when this would make more of an impact in the story-it never did which I think was a mistake not to go further into that story or not mention it so much otherwise.
I can't say I hated the book but I can't say I loved the book either. I found it did not hold my interest as there were so many back and forths throughout the book. Each chapter she went different ways and they didn't seem to tie together. Suspense should excite you to keep reading and keep trying to figure out "who did it" and how it will end. This book ended and I never felt a climax to the ending just an ending. I actually have her first book, which I have never read, and I think I will try it to see if it is any better than this one.