-- Grace Elizabeth --

-- Grace Elizabeth --

Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Stillness of Chimes

A Stillness of Chimes is Meg Mosley's latest book which I was very eager to read.  She has become a favorite author of mine with her two previous books.  She always gives the reader a different kind of storyline which makes her writing so interesting.

Laura comes home to Prospect, Georgia to go through and get ready to sell her mother's house after her death..She has been gone for a long time and now the town is full of rumors about her father who disappeared twelve years ago in the lake.  Different people claim to have seen him.  Since his body was never found, Laura firmly believes he is alive and sets out to find him.  This is one of the story lines which Laura enlists the help of Sean ( her high school boyfriend) to help her find her father.  Laura's father was a mentor to Sean but he is afraid to help her, since he has his own reasons for letting her father's disappearance stay that way.  They do uncover the truth in the Blue Ridge Mountains that surround Prospect, but you will be very surprised with the facts they uncover.  The ending completely surprised me.  Can't tell you more, since you need to find out for yourself what I am talking about.

This book has romance, intrigue, second chances, memories, family secrets and great, believable characters. I really enjoyed the book but felt, at times, the story dragged with too much page fillers. Meg Mosely still writes beautiful stories and I look forward to her next book.

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Visible Threat

Since I have read all of Janice Cantore's books up to now, I was excited to review her newest book-Visible Threat. This is the second book in her latest series  There are authors that you just know their books will be good and she fits into that category for me.  Being a retired Long Beach police officer adds so much credit to her writing.  As I read her books I am thinking this was a case she may have investigated which makes reading more interesting for me.

As with the first book we are following Brinna Caruso as she wants justice and to save the innocent from the evil predators that inflict pain on their victims.  The storyline follows two sisters arriving from Bulgaria being promised a better life in America.  Unfortunately that was a lie and they were not the only ones being coerced by the evil of human trafficking.  A body is found in the river and Jack O'Reilly needs help from Brinna. As they uncover the identity of the victim, they hunt for the sister and the story explodes from there.  A lot of times Brinna does not go by the book and does things her way which lead to another storyline in the book.  Brinna was kidnapped at age 6 and was rescued two days later, which is why she has such an interest and such an emotional attachment to this case.  There is also Brinna and Jack as they find the traffickers but also as Brinna learns from Jack.  "If he is a good God, why would he stop something in your life that will make you stronger, make you a better person?"  "Just because bad things happen doesn't mean that God isn't good"

 The story is at times hard to read, forgetting that this in happening now all over the world. It is not just a growing problem worldwide but in our own backyard.  The author did a great job of making it real but not
being too graphic.