-- Grace Elizabeth --

-- Grace Elizabeth --

Monday, April 15, 2013


I loved book one of the Alaskan Courage series and could not wait till number two came out.  It was well worth the wait!!. Fantastic read.  This book was one I could not put down (not many happen like that) and it was one book I did not want to end.

Piper McKenna's brother shows up at her house with blood covering him.  A woman has been murdered and her brother Reef is the main suspect.  Her brother has been gone and now with his return, he is charged with murder.  Piper is determined to find the killer and protect Reef.  Enter-Landon Grainger who loves the McKenna family and is falling in love with Piper throughout the investigation.  Lots of different story lines with each of the McKenna's which kept the book so interesting. That is just a snippet of what the story is about.  There are so much twists and turns and you think you have it figured out-then something else changes.  Dani Pettrey has weaved a masterful storyline full of interesting characters, family squabbles, great suspense, romance and a wonderful blend of  Christian forgiveness and thoughts by Piper.  Cannot wait for number 3-it will be another winner.

Thank you to Bethany House for this free copy for my honest opinion.


Finished number 3 in the Pacific Coast Justice series and this too was a "winner".  I have enjoyed each one of Janice Cantore's books immensely.  She is a retired police officer and her books hint at the type of work she did and I can see Carly Edwards as her in these books.  They are written to entertain as well as show you the backstage of law enforcement and she throws in suspense to boot.

Carly Edwards comes upon three gangbangers shot execution style and fears that her city might be on the verge of a gang war. To compound the tension Carly finds weapons from a gang leader and finds out they were stolen from a military base.  She and her husband Nick, head of the gang unit, are trying to find out the culprits behind all of these problems.  In her investigation, her reputation is questioned by a reporter trying to discredit her professionally. 

I found myself thinking I knew the culprit, then he was murdered off, so I went after another one and guessed wrong again. Loved the cat and mouse of the storyline, but loved that Carly's faith and trust in God had grown since the last book. She was fighting God for control in her life and finally figured out to "let go and let God".  Loved how Nick and Carly have grown as individuals and a couple since the last book.  I hate to see this series end since Nick and Carly were such great characters with lots of flaws that all of us have.  Pick up her Pacific Coast Justice series and you will not be disappointed-promise

Thanks to Tyndale publishers for this free copy for my honest opinion.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Matter of Trust

There are your favorite authors that can't write fast enough.  Lis Wiehl is one of my favorites and was thrilled to see she had written a new book.  She keeps getting better and better with each book.  This is one of the best suspense books I have read.

This is a Mia Quinn mystery.  The storyline starts with a intriguing  murder that sets this book into many plots, twists and remarkable characters.  Mia is talking with a friend from the prosecutors office and hears a gunshot over the phone.  She realizes her colleague is dying and heads over there while her son stays on the phone in case she says anything-bad idea.  She wants to head up the murder investigation but with so much on her plate she needs help and the storyline unfolds.  Mia is a new widow with lots of debts, troubled teenage son, a four year old who wakes up screaming at night and just trying to keep her job.  As they dig deeper, more complications unfold and she finds herself a target.

I was so absorbed by this story and the different themes.  She touched on being a successful prosecutor, trying to be a mom and holding it all together.  Appearances can be deceiving and Mia learns this from the strong characters throughout the book.  This is one book I will keep and cannot wait for the sequel.  Please Lis-write faster!
Thanks to Thomas Nelson for this free copy for my honest opinion.