-- Grace Elizabeth --

-- Grace Elizabeth --

Monday, January 16, 2012

I Am Second

Very few books will hit me square between the eyes, but I Am Second did just that. This book stayed with me long after the last page was turned. I have seen the video with Tim Tebow and Colt McCoy and was favoribly impressed with the concept of I Am Second. This book reminded me that is just where I need to be daily-Second!!

Reading this book reminded me that God has the power to change anyone and everyone that calls out to him. I know this but these truths resonated throughout the pages of people who have hit rock bottom but did not stay there. There are stories of famous people and ordinary people who realized they can't rely on themselves but need to lean on the God who created them. Only then could they find love, hope and freedom. I was amazed at the brutally honest stories but Josh Hamilton's story was absolutely unbelievable. Some of the very real stories deal with meth, racism, prostitution, fame, divorce, rejection, pornography and the challenges they have faced in these trials. They have all found hope and joy that is possible and they are living it every day. At the end of each story are links to other stories so this book is chocked full of inspiration.

This is an excellent book for a parent with a prodigal, or someone who just needs to know they are loved and that love is found in a relationship with God that makes him first in our lives. When we get that we realize that there is freedom to be found in saying "I Am Second"

Thanks to Thomas Nelson for sending me this free book just for my honest opinion.

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