-- Grace Elizabeth --

-- Grace Elizabeth --

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Gone South

This review is not a glowing account of how I liked this book.  I absolutely loved Meg Mosely's first book
and was thrilled to get this book to review.  I really thought that I would love this book, but it fell short in so many areas of me liking it and just being able to finish it.
The storyline evolves around Tish McComb who is single with her dreams of marriage and family killed when her fiance was killed five years ago,  She is going about in a dead end job and has the opportunity to buy her
great-great-great grandparents' Civil War house in Noble Alabama.  The only problem is, she is a northerner and her grandparents were not "the best of people" and there is a lot of animosity toward Tish. Two people come to her aid-a local antique dealer willing to give her  a chance and a prodigal looking for acceptance.
These are the three main characters in the story with the plot weaving from each to each which left me totally bored and waiting for "something" to happen with the storyline.  Unfortunately for me, it never materialized and I hung in till the end and felt relief when I finally ended this book. 
I am not one usually to find fault with the books I read-I love Christian fiction and enjoy a good plot that holds my interest and I hope her next book is one that fits that criteria for me.
Thanks to Waterbrook for sending me this free copy for my honest opinion.

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