-- Grace Elizabeth --

-- Grace Elizabeth --

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rosemary Cottage

Rosemary Cottage is the second book in the Hope Beach series by Colleen Coble.  Since I am a serious Colleen Coble book lover, I snatched this book quickly.  There is something about her storytelling that I just absolutely love.  She has such a gift for great story lines, interesting characters and plots that beg for you to try and figure out.  This latest book did not let me down.

Amy Lange is coming back to Hope Island for two different reasons: she is grieving the death of her brother that was lost at sea in a surfing accident.  She is not so sure it was an accident and intends to do her own investigating.  The other reason, she wants to move her midwife practice to Hope Island and live in Rosemary Cottage which has been a haven for their family.  There was also another death three weeks before Amy's brother.  Curtis Ireland is a Coast Guard officer who lost his sister to a boating accident, that looks like it wasn't an accident.  He is raising his sister's daughter, but that could change with the new information about these two accidents.  Amy and Curtis agree to help each other to find out what really happened, but they will be very surprised with what they find the deeper they investigate. Will they find the truth or will the secrets stay hidden?  Will they be attracted to each other thru this ordeal or will it drive a wedge between them?  What will happen when they find out the truth, can they believe it?  These are just some of the teasers I hope will entice you to pick up this book.

On thing I always count on with Colleen's books, I am always trying to figure it out till the very end.  I thought I knew the culprit but I was totally shocked when I never saw the ending happening like it did.
She has such a way to writing that sucks you into the storyline which made for a good summer read and I highly recommend it.

Thanks to Thomas Nelson for sending me this free copy just for my honest opinion.

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Susanne said...

I enjoyed this book too, my first read from this author and thought it did wonderfully as a stand alone novel even though it is second in a series. I was totally surprised at the ending too. She fooled me right to the end.

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