-- Grace Elizabeth --

-- Grace Elizabeth --

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Remaining

Being a Travis Thrasher fan, I was eagerly awaiting this book to read.  It was an easy and quick read with a plot like the Left Behind books except with a twist, which made it an interesting concept.

There are six friends together to prepare for a wedding between Dan and Skyler. They have been friends since college and you learn bits and pieces about each of the six before the wedding takes place.  As the wedding ends and the reception begins, people start dropping dead.  The five speculate as to the cause of the dying people and realize that it could be the rapture, but only the bodies are left behind.  One of the six friends, Lauren, is gone and so begins the questions and how will they survive.  Why were they left behind and why was Lauren taken. This is an apocalyptic story so you need to read the ending to find out if and who will accept Christ before it is too late.

This was a good read, nothing earth shaking and looking forward to the movie which many be more in depth with the storyline.
This was provided free by Tyndale Publishers just for my honest opinion.

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