-- Grace Elizabeth --

-- Grace Elizabeth --

Monday, July 17, 2017

Weaver's Needle

Weaver's Needle by Robin Caroll is not just good..it is extremely good!!. I have been a fan of Robin for a long time and always eagerly await her newest book.  I know I will not be disappointed in the book. This storyline has it all..a treasure hunt, a murder and eventually a race of survival. That's a lot packed in a book.

Landry Parker is a former Army MP but her credentials are a recovery specialist like her father. Nickolai Baptiste is a former police officer that was wounded in the line of duty and he becomes a recovery specialist and is one of the best. Nickolai and Landry are unaware that a client has hired both of them to find the Dutchman's Lost Gold Mine map that was stolen from her murdered husband. The payday is enormous even if it is dangerous. Starting from New Orleans and heading to Weaver's Needle in Arizona they team up only to discover someone else is after the treasure. Tack on those who want Superstition Mountain and the mine to be hidden forever.

This book had great character development, twists and turns and interesting folk lore about the Apache Indians protection of their Thunder God's mountain. Be prepared to be hooked into the story and not want to put the book down..I did. She is a masterful storyteller and this is another one of her best.

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