-- Grace Elizabeth --

-- Grace Elizabeth --

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Jesus Lives

I received Jesus Lives by Sarah Young through Thomas Nelson as part of the blogging reviews. This is actually my third book by Sarah-I think she is a superb writer with amazing insight as an author. I use her first two books as daily devotionals and will use this daily also.
She writes in the first person with Jesus talking directly to you-that is so interesting and you feel like you are "walking with the Savior" through various circumstances of your day. She listens to God, writes what she hears and always with dependence of the Holy Spirit.
The interesting aspect of this book was in the introduction. In writing the book, she had health problems and very weak, which made this writing an act of faith. As she focused on Jesus, His compassionate Presence encouraged her.
Each page is dedicated to a devotion-
Worship-Grace-Resting in Him-Intimacy in Him-Attitude-Heaven and many more. As you read each devotion you will feel the Fathers love for you and how He loves you since He is talking to you. On the opposite page are bible verses that shows how God's word is alive and full of power.
In reading this devotional you will experience a deeper, richer intimacy and communion with Jesus each day.
Start the new year with this superb devotional and look into her other two books-you will not be disappointed.

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