-- Grace Elizabeth --

-- Grace Elizabeth --

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What I have read lately

Since I lost my job the end of September, I thought I would read, read and read more. I have done some reviews from Thomas Nelson which is cool since they are free for reading and blogging.
These are some of the other titles I have read that were really good:
Noticer by Andy Andrews
Fantastic story-I really want to meet Jones. Once I started reading this book, I could not put it down till I finished-2 1/2 hours later. Quick, easy read and extremely heartwarming yet profound story. I liked his writing so much, went to the library to check out his other books.
Promise Kept by Cara Putman
My favorite local author which is an amazing writer. She writes both historical and suspense. This is the first of her Promise books and has a personal and heartwarming story that captivates you from the very first page. I am not a huge historical reader but love her books. This is a story about a newlywed couple that move from a small town to a bigger city. They take in a young cousin from London to take her away from the bombings and how their story unfolds.
Be prepared to enjoy this book and Cara's writing. She puts her heart and soul in each book and shows how God will always be there not matter what we go through.
Lightkeeper's Daughter by Colleen Coble
I was able to win this from Colleen on her website. She is one of my very, very favorite authors. I know I will be enthralled by her story-always has suspense and romance in every book. This is a new venue for Colleen which is historical with suspense and romance-interesting mix. This did not disappoint me. The storyline is about Addie Sullivan who grows up as a lightkeeper's daughter at the turn of the century. A long lost wealthy relative finds her and enlists her help as a governess. She hopes to discover the truth of her heritage but nothing is as it seems. She tries to unravel a decades old mystery. As usual, Colleen keeps me guessing who is the culprit and this surprised me at the end. I highly recommend reading this and all her other books.

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Colleen Coble said...

I second everything you said about Cara's book, and I'm so glad you enjoyed Lightkeeper's Daughter! :-)

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