-- Grace Elizabeth --

-- Grace Elizabeth --

Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to REach Your Full Potential for God

I am reviewing this book from Thomas Nelson booksneeze program.
This book by Dr. Charles Stanley is truly a great book of interesting new ideas-many I had never thought of. I almost did not get this book because a lot of books have this concept and I was afraid this would be a cookie cutter. I enjoy Dr. Stanley's writings and I was not disappointed with this book. He has a way of inspiring you to take a look at what God is trying to accomplish in your life.
What really hit home was "are you living a settled-for life"? How often we are not pursuing our potential and even factoring God in our decision making or goal setting.
This book enables the reader to discover talents that God has placed in each of us. He show us seven hurdles that hampers our walk with God--1-limited perspective,2-feelings of low value.3-constant comparisons, 4-self imposed limitations,5-fear of disappointment,6-fear of failure.7-laziness. Healso tackles topicsthat deal with our mind, body, heart, gifts,relationships, schedules and taking God approved risks. So much interesting information in this book, take it slow and enjoy how God is challenging you to pursue Him in a new and passionate way.
My favorite take away was: Ever asked the Lord-what do you want me to be?-ask now. What do you want do do in my life? I pray this will be my goal for 2010.

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