-- Grace Elizabeth --

-- Grace Elizabeth --

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Deliver Us From Evil

Picked this title up from the library and it "knocked my socks off". It was a SUPERB read. This is the first of three books and I cannot wait till number 2 and 3 come out. The book deals with a tough subject-human trafficking. I started the book and was unsure I could go on but she painted the grim picture with the tragedy that it is. She deals with the tough world of law enforcement, the Great Smoky Mountains, romantic tension and lots of plot twists along with a lot of faith elements woven into this story. I highly recommend either buying or renting this book. I seldom reread books but this is one I probably will buy so I can read it again
This book was by Robin Carroll. Needless to say, I am trying to find anything by her and # 2 should be out in August-yea

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Who is the author? Sounds good, did you get it at the down town library?

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