-- Grace Elizabeth --

-- Grace Elizabeth --

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kiss and Burn

I read Erin Healy's book-Never Let you Go and was impressed with her writing so I got both Kiss and Burn from the library. I was interested to see how her writing style and Ted Dekker's writing style would come together. So amazing how their styles blended so well together.
This had it all-suspense, romance, action and drama!!!. Shauna was in a car accident and lost six months of her memory. That is bad enough but then she has the ability to steal memories from other people. She struggles with if she was responsible for the accident that maimed her brother and estranged her father and stepmother from her. This is the classic-good guys verses bad guys and who can Shauna trust. This is a superb book with twists and turns and a page turner. I saw Ted's interesting style but Erin's touch of suspense.
Second book by these two authors and another WOW. I thought Kiss was good but this hits a home run. This is a storyline that is so different from any I have ever read before. Janeal is trapped in her father's gypsy culture when a powerful man, Salazar Sanso, promises her the life she longs for-but for a price. Will she sell her soul for money? Janeal escapes the fire but not the effects of the burn. What an interesting plot and what a twist halfway thru the book and then what an ending-never saw it coming. Janeal learns that their are two chambers in every heart, one for Judas and one for John-which one will she go after.
I highly recommend both of these books for suspense lovers-hope these two authors write more books together.

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