-- Grace Elizabeth --

-- Grace Elizabeth --

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Library Reads

How I love my local library. These are two books I requested and they purchased them and I got to read them for free-sweet!!!.

I started following her blog last year(Pioneer Woman) and was hooked. On her blog she chronicles her daily life on a huge Oklahoma ranch, homeschooling, cooking and loving Marlboro Man-her husband. She started writing in her blog on how she met her husband and readers of her blog loved the chapters and asked for more. She posted weekly installments of her real life online serial love story, She wrote 40 installments and ended with her wedding day and decided to end the online version. She then started writing the next part of the story and continues with the birth of her first child. This is more than a love story, much, much more. It is a story of the reasons you fall in love. Ree was set to move to Chicago to start over when she was having drinks with friends and saw a tall rugged cowboy who lived on a cattle ranch miles away from her cultured, corporate hometown. This is where the plot thickens-an unlikely romance with a cowboy and a" no one around " for miles ranch. Ree loves nightlife and big cities so how is she going to trade that for a cowboy? Read the book and find the rip roaring details of how she fell hard for this cowboy.

This was just a fun book to read-she writes with such humor and shows how she went from city life to ranch wife. Sure hopes she writes another one from where she left off.


This is the second book of the Intervention series. I loved her first book-Intervention and actually loved this book even more. It is a hard book to read as a parent. It deals with drug addiction and human trafficking and the choices that change lives forever.
This was one book that I literally had to make myself put down and actually do something else. The characters are the same that are in Intervention with the time frame of a year ahead. Jordan is a 15 year old meth addict who has just delivered a baby girl at home. Her mother wants to sell the baby for money for more drugs so Jordan puts the baby in the backseat of a car driven by Lance. He came to her house to help her and is unaware of the baby being there till he is ordered to leave by Jordan's mother. He is arrested for kidnapping so now the family has to get Lance out of trouble, protect a baby who has no home and find help for a teenage mother hiding behind her lies.
This is a book that keeps you thinking long after the last page is turned. To see into the lives of drug addicts and just what they go through to get that next "hit" is unbelievable and so sad. Terri Blackstock is a wonderful writer who knows and has lived what she writes about. The book Intervention was her daughter's story and her family's story which was , in itself, amazing. Please pick this up and read it-you will not reget it.

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