-- Grace Elizabeth --

-- Grace Elizabeth --

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Occupied

The Occupied by Craig Parshal is his first in the Trevor Black series. "I keep monsters in my peripheral vision. When you've been attacked by the horribles, you never forget".
I knew this was a supernatural story line with the struggle of world, flesh and the devil. Trevor Black was a criminal defense lawyer in New York City and had it all. He enjoyed a trophy wife, a six figure Aston Martin and was a winning lawyer.  Here comes the but: he had an encounter with the supernatural in his youth that comes back to haunt him. How quickly everything crumbles, his marriage, his law practice is destroyed. Losing everything changes him and he is left with a gift or curse that enables him to detect the demonic underworld. Not only does he see them, they are gunning for him. How will Trevor handle the trail of occult murders that are crossing his path.  Can he find the killer and can he face his personal and supernatural demons? He also comes to a crossroad and his defenses break down and he finally admits he needs Christ to take over and how his life changes.

I will admit that I am not a supernatural book lover. This said, I read half then skipped to the end (not something I normally do) just to find out the end. Not a series that I will look forward to number 2.
Love suspense but this one was very hard for me to follow. I saw by the other reviews that I am outnumbered by those who loved the book, but to each his own.

I received this copy free from Tyndale Publishers just for my honest opinion.

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