-- Grace Elizabeth --

-- Grace Elizabeth --

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fearless Book review

Well everyone this is my first ever blog so bear with me.

It is fitting that my first blog should be a book by my favorite author-Max Lucado. I have everyone of his books and always look forward to a new one. This one did not let me down either. His topic of this new book deals with fear--we all have fears of some sort and he speaks about many of them. Just some of the chapters are Fear of Disappointing God, Fear of Violence, Fear of Life's Final Moments, Fear of Global Calamity to name a few.

Max writes with such clarity and always brings new ideas from scripture alive with his words. He makes me want to stay curled up and read all day till finished. I found saying "just one more chapter" and then one more until I had to make myself stop for work. I always have a highlighter handy because there is always lots to highlight in his books for future reference.

Now to some of my favorite parts of this book. The chapter of Fear of Running Out helps the reader with eight worry stoppers. He goes thru each of the eight steps---Pray first, Easy now, Act on it, Compile a worry list, Evaluate your worry categories, Focus on today, Unleash a worry army, Let God be enough--P-E-A-C-E-F-U-L. Is this not great way to keep remembering how to give God all your worries. This is one I will always use and tell others about.

Also loved the chapter-God's Ticked Off At Me. He told and interesting story about Eve and how fear mismanaged, leads to sin and sin leads to hiding. Loves how he brings scripture stories and how they speak to everyday issues even today. The sinners life is me-focused, not God-focused.
Fear corrodes our confidence in God's goodness which is so true and so human!!

This book helps reinforce that God is still in control of EVERYTHING and why should we fear. I walked away after reading this book with a better understanding of why I fear things and why God is really enough in my life to keep fear away.

I always tell my customers that Max doesn't write a bad book and again this is true. Read for yourself and you will be saying that too.

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