-- Grace Elizabeth --

-- Grace Elizabeth --

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What Difference Do It Make

I was super excited to be able to read this book as part of the blogger's reviews.
Their first book Same Kind of Different As Me was one of my top ten favorite books ever read. I was so glad to see they wrote another book that takes off after their other finished. It was just as good as the first one. What made this one different was the untold stories and the tales of lives that have been changed by reading the first book.
It was so much fun to read, quick small book with guidance for how you can make a difference to anyone especially those in need. One of my favorite quotes was "what would happen to me if I stopped to help someone in the street but to ask myself what will happen to them if I don't". We should all remember this in our daily life.
The stories of those who wrote in were heartwarming especially the one about entertaining angels.
"you never know whose eyes God is watchin you through. It might not be your teacher, your preacher, or your Sunday school teacher. More likely it's gon be that bum on the street. That was Denver talking and he is sooooooooo right.
I pray this book will change our thinking, our priorities and just our love for the fellow man.

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