-- Grace Elizabeth --

-- Grace Elizabeth --

Friday, February 11, 2011

Library reads

Forget Me Not by Vicki Hinze
I read this a while back and forgot to write about it. I read her second book and loved it and got this from the library and started and guess what, I already read it!!!. Mind is going quickly.
This lady is one good writer. The story deals with Ben the owner of Crossroads Crisis Center who loves his work, his faith and his family. His wife and son are murdered and is world falls apart and he loses his faith. He strives to find the killers but after three years his hope is dying. A mysterious woman comes to Crossroads seeking answers and needing help. She has been robbed of her identity, her life, but not her faith. She resembles Susan which was Ben's wife and also has a necklace of Susan's. But how did she get the necklace and the connections between the two women mount plus someone is trying to kill her.
This story is a page turner with a surprise ending and I highly recommend it.
It would help to read this one first since there are characters in her second book that are in this book too so it makes more sense.

Book of Days by James Rubart
I picked this one up by Cara Putman's review on her blog. She loved it so I knew I would love it also. I read this on the way back from Virginia and it was really enjoyable. One of those books that made you keep turning pages-not really suspenseful but just interesting. God's book of days: a record of the past, present and future of every soul. Some say it is a fable but others say it is real and hidden somewhere on earth. Cameron has lost both his father and wife and they both have told him he must find the Book of Days so he embarks on the quest to find this book. What a quest it proves to be. The author is a masterful storyteller that makes you think about where you have been and where you are going. The characters and plot keep you reading while the spiritual truth throughout the book is beautiful. Made me realize how important our memories and choices are to who we really have become. This was one I will remember for a long time

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