-- Grace Elizabeth --

-- Grace Elizabeth --

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thunder Dog

What a blessing the Booksneeze program is. This book is one of the examples of getting to read a wonderful book for free. It does not get any better than that!!. This was a book when I saw it up for review I knew I had to read it. I was not disappointed at all. This is one of those "heartwarming" books that make you feel better after you have read them.
This book is a true story of Michael Hinson who is blind and his guide dog Roselle who actually made it out of the Trade Center Tower #1 before it collapsed. That, in itself, makes for an interesting storyline. Michael takes you back 10 years to that "day that changed America" to relive what happened. He goes to work as usual getting ready for a seminar when his life and many others are changed forever. He works on the 78th floor of the north tower when the building is hit and the tower leans to the south. His co worker David and he immediately head for the stairs and begin the long trek down stairwell B with his dog by his side. He smells the jet fuel but knows he needs to stay calm to keep Roselle calm. Neither panic and start working their way down-ten stairs, turn, nine stairs. When they get to the 34th floor they see the firefighters are coming up with water but they don't have any information to pass along so everyone is still guessing what has happened to the building. In just over an hour since they left the office they are outside when a police officer screams, "Get out of here! It's coming down!" Now Michael and Roselle are literally running for their lives when the dust from the buildings completely cover them. We have to get out of the dust or we are going to die. But even in the dust cloud, with my guide dog now blind, too, I feel God's presence. He is with me. I am not alone. I am running with Roselle.
Michael Hinson is one special person who never let his blindness stop him from doing anything. He has ridden a bike and even driven a car. He was determined to achieve parity in a sighted world and it was a true pleasure to read his story.
Thank you Thomas Nelson for this free copy to review for my honest opinion.

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