-- Grace Elizabeth --

-- Grace Elizabeth --

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pattern of Wounds

When I pick books to read I tend to gravitate to suspense fiction books. I chose this book because a good friend read it and loved it. I did not realize that this was the second in the Roland March series by J. Mark Bertrand. Luckily, it was a story in itself, to some extent. There is a lot about the character and his relationship with his wife that I picked up only bits and pieces in this second book. Enough said about the background of my picking this book.

It was one of those books I "think" I liked-I am still not sure about my feelings after reading it. I have waited a few days to put these ideas down on paper. Roland March is a homicide detective in Houston. He has a past but he is really a good cop. He investigates a young woman found dead in a swimming pool in a rich area of Houston. He sees it as a copycat crime but the other investigators see it only as another crime. Roland has already sent a murderer to prison ten years ago for crimes like this one that was committed. Then he starts getting scary messages from the killer and the violence gets a little too close to home. The interesting thing is that with each crime after this there is a pattern of wounds on the bodies so he must try to figure out what exactly is the hidden message.

There was a lot of trying to guess "who did it" and I don't think I figured it out and I still after rereading the ending am lost. The last page ends with a twist and that really made me mad. Everything is left up in the air so I guess I have to read book number three to find out just how this ends-bummer. This is one of those books that will have different reviews from everyone.

I do appreciate being able to pick this one from Bethany Publishers for free just for my honest review

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