-- Grace Elizabeth --

-- Grace Elizabeth --

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Last Operative

When I received this book from Tyndale Publishing I thought I was getting a new book by Jerry Jenkins. I found out this was a retelling of his standalone book. I did go in with an open mind and what I found in reading this book went from intiguing to boring back to intriguing and back to wanting to skim the pages to get to the end but I actually did finish it. The story deals with Jordan Kirkwood as an NSA inteleligence operative. He is an absentee dad and husband but that is about to change. He is meeting his wife in London for a time away when the stakes have changed. The threat to the USA is grave and who can Jordan trust since someone seems to a mole in this mission. He is on his own to try and find out who and what is behind the terrorism. Tack on a love interest from his earlier carreer who he never got over and still wants to find her and can she even be trusted.
It is one of those books that I enjoyed, but didn't, if that makes sense. I usually love the endings especially of suspense books but this one left me thinking it was just finally over and that made me glad. Not what I expected from a well know author.

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