-- Grace Elizabeth --

-- Grace Elizabeth --

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

American Patriot's Almanac

What fun to receive books from Thomas Nelson for free just for an honest review. I have received books that I probably would never have bought in the store and this is one of them. But I am so thankful I requested this book-it is a wowieeeeeeee!!!. First of all, it is a beautiful book with rough cut pages, pictures, words to songs, poems, prayers and tons of tidbits about the United States and what makes us GREAT. Each month has a theme and since this is a daily devotional it makes it so much fun to read. For example, November has sections about faith and our founders and prayers for the American people. Each day's reading has information about an individual who shaped history or things like Presidential trivia. At the bottom of the devotional are facts under the heading American History Parade and are usually five different dates and what happened on those dates. Been a while since I sat in history class and this is a great reminder of all the happenings in the past. I find myself wanting to read ahead and not just do today's reading. I love devotional books and this is at the top of my favorites and I am looking to purchase some for Christmas gifts-it is that good!!!!.

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