-- Grace Elizabeth --

-- Grace Elizabeth --

Friday, November 26, 2010


This is the second book of the Mercy Falls series and it is super great read. Colleen Coble is probably my favorite writer-especially since she is a fellow Hoosier. You pick up any of her books and you will not be disappointed. She is Thomas Nelson's top writer and after reading her stories you know why. She crafts suspense with believable romance stories and characters that are unforgetable. This particular book takes place in Mercy Falls, California in the time period when there were telephone operators which Katie Russel is. When she is at work one evening, she overhears a conversation between her friend Eliza a male voice that is very familiar. She soon finds that Eliza has disappeared but the crime seems to be linked to another investigation by the new lighthouse keeper Will. They both form an alliance that blooms into something much more. The problem is as she is attracted to Will more and more-she can't marry for love-she has to marry for money. Money to help her family is what must keep her from loving Will, but will she listen to her family. She sees a peace in Will that is from God and she want's that peace and the trust that God will bring to her. There are so many plots and twists and I never can figure out her endings and this one really surprised me, as usual. This is her seventeenth book, so start reading all of them-you will not be disappointed in any of them

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