-- Grace Elizabeth --

-- Grace Elizabeth --

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Just finished an older book by Davis Bunn called Imposter. This was suggested and given to me by a friend who sang it's praises. She was right-this was excellent. The storyline deals with Matt Kelly who has a knack for concealing his identity especially as a federal agent. Then an assignment gets personal, discovering who he really is may prove to be the toughest mission of all. Add to the storyline a mixture of political ambition, personal corruption and military intrigue makes this a hard to put down book. The storyline flows with well rounded characters and lots of suspense. I kept finding myself trying to see where this story was going next and how it was all going to end. The only bummer was the end-it just kind of stopped. You know who did it but then I expected more of a where to now. Otherwise, it was a great read. The local library would probably have it since the book was printed in2006,

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