-- Grace Elizabeth --

-- Grace Elizabeth --

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Journey To Christmas

This is the first DVD that I have ever requested to review and it was a dandy. I am so glad I was able to watch this four part series. We watched the first two last night and the last two tonight. You can split them up in four series and do for a church bible study. The DVD is so applicable since it applies to the birth of Jesus is a totally different format as we head into December and his birth.

There are five very different people on this journey to the Holy Land. There is a Messianic Jew, A First Nations woman, a poet/singer, a radio personality who is trying to find God, and an agnostic lawyer. This group along with a local Bible scholar follow the paths that Mary and Joseph would have taken to get to Bethlehem. You see the culture, places and people surronding the nativity. The photography is superb and breathtaking as you experience the sights as the group does. They spend the night in a Bedioun tent and experience a horrific sandstorm ( the worst one in 42 years), ride camels, follow the route Mary and Joseph took, You see the Christmas story unfold through the eyes of each member. They end up in Bethlehem on Christmas Eve and read the gospel story and how that story will never be the same to each of them. There is also commentary from Bible experts which really highlight the story even more. It was interesting to hear each of them after they got back and processed it all what their final take from the trip was. This DVD has enriched my Christmas season even more and I plan to pass this on to my family so they can experience this marvelous DVD for themselves.

Since I will probably never get to Israel, this DVD showed me what it is like and that is why I am so thankful to Tyndale Publishers for sending me this free just for my honest opinion.

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