-- Grace Elizabeth --

-- Grace Elizabeth --

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dark Pursuit

I am on a Brandilyn Collins book reading kick. I have fallen in love with her writing and since I love suspense, I have found she does it really well. I think this is my third one from her and it was great. Very interesting storyline. A reclusive writer suffering from an auto accident that left him unable to concentrate still wants to write his last novel-his 100th. He so longs to gain his reputation back also. His 22 yr old granddaughter who was a drug addict, stole from her grandad so he cut her off and she left town. She is back but her grandfather does not know it and she needs his help desperately. Her boyfriend, she suspects, has killed two women and she discovers a third. She needs her grandfather to help her trap her boyfriend since her grandfather has lived suspense in his writings. But can the grandfather save her before the boyfriend gets to her to silence her. Very suspenseful and a page turner. Highly recommend this book and the other ones by Brandilyn Collins.

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