-- Grace Elizabeth --

-- Grace Elizabeth --

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Promises She Keeps

This is the latest book by Erin Healy. I read her first suspense and fell in love with her as an author. I was so excited when this showed up on Booksneeze to order. I think I was expecting this book to be more like her first one so I was disappointed to some extent. This was a storyline I had a hard time staying with. She changed characters in each chapter. Here are some of the characters: Porta, she is an aging witch/sorcerer in search of immortality and thinks Promise is the one she is looking for. Promise-a promising singer with a terminal illness that survives a series of freak accidents at the hand of Porta's son. Chase is an artist who has autism and falls in love with Promise. He draws visions involving trees. Chase also has a twin sister Chelsea that protects him since their mother left them when they were little. I kept with the story since I loved this author but felt it took too long and too much dialogue to keep me interested. The last few chapters did perk my interest and liked the ending. I did learn a lot more about autism which was very interesting. I guess I hope her next one is a suspense like her first one. Thank you Thomas Nelson for the chance to read this book free for my honest opinion.

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